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Electrocatalyst Studies

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Electrocatalysts participate in redox reactions by increasing the oxidation or reduction rate.

This essentially enables a less energetic pathway for chemical reactions to occur at the surface of an electrode, which is extremely valuable for energy storage devices.


Next-generation electrocatalyst studies focus on optimising fuel cell materials to improve their practical efficiency.

At Hiden Analytical, we have developed a suite of high-performance mass spectrometry solutions suitable for characterising complex heterogeneous reactions. Our electrochemical mass spectrometers pioneer new levels of precision in demanding electrocatalyst studies.

Characterising Potential Hysteresis Behaviour

Understanding the dynamic kinetics of different redox reactions is fundamental to electrocatalyst studies. These properties underlie critical performance characteristics such as potential hysteresis and hysteretic behaviour. Probing reaction kinetics may also provide vital information into the effect of feedstock impurities on practical efficiency.

Differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) is a specialised system for electrocatalyst studies. It is possible to correspond the potential hysteresis of feedstocks to the characteristic mass signals of reaction intermediates like oxygen, hydrogen, and peroxides. This makes DEMS ideal for measuring the efficiency of myriad different electrode sources. Using a soft ionisation method, it is also easy to identify the impact of specific species in a multi-component mixture.

Hiden Analytical’s DEMS systems are engineered for simple user-friendly analysis of critical redox parameters. Contact us today for more information about the systems we provide for leading electrocatalyst studies.

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