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The Hiden EQP mass spectrometer system is a pure research tool specifically derived and enhanced for the plasma researcher, providing mass and energy analysis of both positive and negative process ions together with measurement of neutral species.

For pulsed plasma studies the MASsoft operating program now features the new integral and innovative 6000-bin multichannel scalar function. Integral on-board timers give real-time gating control of both ‘gate open/close’ and ‘gate increment’ periodicity, with timing resolution of just 50 nanoseconds.

The differentially pumped system is developed around the Hiden high-performance triple-filter quadrupole mass spectrometer and includes a 45 degree sector energy analyser and pulse ion counting detector together with an electron bombardment ioniser for analysis of neutrals, for electron attachment studies and for leak detection. The multiple scan concept enables scanning of all individual control parameters, with the auto-tune function automatically optimising system setup to match the specific operating environment.

Systems are offered with a choice of single, double or triple stage differential pumping to address plasma process pressure environments from microbar up to 5 bar, together with a range of linear motion drives and integrated driven electrodes.


Hiden EQP Ion Mass & Energy Analyser

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