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The Hiden Catlab mass spectrometer/microreactor system is an integrated analytical tool for characterisation of catalyst performance and for analysis of thermal reaction processes at precisely controlled programmable temperatures to 1000oC. The integrated design concept enables full automated control of up to eight gas streams, of furnace temperature and ramp rate, and of mass spectrometer operation and spectral analysis, all from a single software suite.


High system sensitivity enables operation with powder samples of just 100 milligrams. Sample loading is via a cartridge-style quartz tube which inserts vertically and reproducibly into the reactor vessel, with the sample then directly above the close-coupled evolved species probe mounted internally to the reactor. The sampled gases are then fed for analysis directly to the mass spectrometer, with a total response time of less than 500 milliseconds.

Properties including adsorption isotherms, metal dispersion, surface acidity are readily determined, the mass spectrometer providing continuous, simultaneous multicomponent product measurement.

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