A system for catalyst characterisation, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements

Hiden Analytical is an industry-leading supplier of microreactors and mass spectrometer systems for complex areas of research, including catalyst characterization, screening, and reaction studies. With rapid responses for kinetic and thermodynamic measurements at temperatures of up to 1000°C (1832°F), Hiden’s modular microreactor and mass spectrometer systems are a unique solution for analytical challenges specific to the industry.

HPR-60-MBMS, A system for analysis of neutrals, radicals and ions


The CATLAB is a modular system designed as a complete solution from a single manufacturer, providing optimal analysis through seamless hardware-software integration. Using a low thermal mass furnace with built-in air cooling, the CATLAB microreactor can reach maximum temperatures with a heating ramp range of 1-20°C/min. An in-bed (type K) thermocouple can then provide direct sample measurement with an accuracy of within a single degree, offering ultra-precise thermodynamic insights for reaction studies and catalysis. Yet this is only one half of the modular system.

Using a quartz inlet capillary (QIC) species probe, the dedicated mass spectrometer system can acquire two, four, or eight individual gas streams or a combined vapor manifold with independent mass flow control at flow rates of 3 – 100 ml/min. This combination allows for mutual kinetic and thermodynamic observation with the real-time acquisition of data for subsequent digital analysis.

For more information on testing samples via mass spectrometry, read our article The Working Principles of a Mass Spectrometer.

Mass Spectrometer System Supplier

Hiden Analytical is a trusted microreactor and mass spectrometer system supplier worldwide, supporting a range of cutting-edge sample testing parameters.  The CATLAB is the only instrument of its kind; designed as a comprehensive modular solution with individual parts that can operate for stand-alone operations and interfacing with other forms of testing equipment.

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  • Fast response, low thermal mass furnace with integrated air-cooling
  • 1-20 °C / min heating rates up to 1000 °C
  • Hiden’s unique interchangeable Catalyst Cartridge System
  • Close-coupled hotzone evolved species probe & direct QIC inlet for <500 ms response
  • ‘In-Bed’ thermocouple for direct catalyst temperature measurement
  • Automatic 2-4 (8 optional) gas stream manifold or combined gas / vapour manifold
  • Independent Mass Flow control of each channel at 3-100 ml/min (other flow options available)
  • Corrosion resistant manifold configurations also available
  • Seamless on-line, real-time studies with data acquisition and PC analysis
  • Air thermostat and trace heating to minimise condensation of liquid feeds / products
  • Shut-off / bypass flow configuration to seal reactor and gas sampling port



The Hiden CATLAB delivers a range of completely automated, dynamic, temperature programmed, pulse chemisorption and isothermal techniques.

Template driven CATLAB software provides automatic control of gas composition and delivery, temperature ramp and set-point as well as full mass spectrometer parameter controls – a true first for the catalyst researcher. The standard system has 0-200 amu capability with options extending this to 1000 amu.