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Hiden Analytical offers a range of mass spectrometer products of special significance to the process and post-process stages of atomic layer deposition(ALD) and evaluation.

Systems are available to monitor gaseous species through the pressure range from ultra-high vacuum through to the millibar regime, from in-process residual gas analysers through to the HPR-30ALD differentially pumped probes for the highest process pressures.


Plasma-assisted process diagnostics are addressed be the EQP-series plasma probes for direct in-plasma measurement of the molecular mass and energy of both positive and negative process ions together with the abundance of neutrals and radicals. Energy range options extend to +/-1000eV, and mass range options to 1000amu.

Secondary ion mass spectrometers(SIMS) are applicable to provide direct post-process validation of surface layer quality, providing both surface and depth profile species compositional data. Oxygen, argon and caesium ion guns are offered, with ion beam spot size down to 20 micron.

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