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The Hiden ToF-qSIMS Workstation uniquely combines both time-of-flight and quadrupole analysers in a single SIMS instrument.  The surface is where materials interact with the environment, where adhesion, deposition, corrosion and contamination occur and the ToF-qSIMS is the tool to characterise and solve problems in this region.  The ToF analyser possesses high mass range and high mass resolution allowing the static SIMS mode to identify species on the exposed surface of a material, especially organics.  It can detect surface contamination as thin as one atom; contamination which may later impact the product operation, such as failure of an adhesive bond or peeling of a coating.  In one scan the ToF-qSIMS produces an image of all the elements and molecules from a surface (a full mass spectrum for each pixel) allowing a scientist to investigate the chemical distribution, either in real time or potentially years after acquisition.

The quadrupole analyser is employed for high sensitivity “in depth” measurements with nanometre precision, such as determining diffusion, or layer structure, within hard engineering or semiconductor materials.  With the ability to detect all elements from hydrogen to uranium, and to image their distribution in 3D, it provides a very powerful method to characterise the top microns of a material.

The ToF-qSIMS Workstation incorporates the highly reliable Hiden IG20 gas ion source and automated settings make it easy to use in a production environment, while researchers will enjoy the more advanced settings of this versatile tool.  SIMS is widely applied in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, aerospace, coating, pharmaceutical and glass industries as well as general materials, metallurgical and corrosion analysis.

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