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Hiden Analytical launch their latest catalogue detailing the extensive selection of continuous-sampling interfaces for adaptation of the Hiden gas analyser systems to a diverse range of gas- and liquid-related process types and operating at pressures from 1 millibar through to 30 bar.


QIC Series Gas Analysers – Brochure Spread

Interfaces for direct gas analysis include multi-channel gas selector valves enabling selection from up to 80 independent gas streams, with a two-stream variant enabling direct comparative measurement of pre- and post-process gas composition. Hot-zone sampling lines are adaptable for sampling directly from furnaces operating through to 1700C. The new Micro-flow inlet has a sample extraction rate of just 12 micro-litres/minute.

Gas/vapour measurement in aqueous environments is addressed by a selection of membrane separation interface types. These include probes for media insertion and flow-through elements for recirculating streams. Cuvette-style sample cells are available for photo-responsive bioresearch. The latest DEMS cell interface module is specifically developed for direct real-time analysis of gaseous and volatile reactants released in electrochemical processes.

The catalogue is available to download here or you can request your free print copy via our website by clicking here. For further information on all Hiden Analytical products contact Hiden Analytical at or visit the main website by clicking here.

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