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The new application brochure details some examples of the wide range of catalysis applications that Hiden Analytical products have been used for allowing the study of catalytic processes, from catalyst characterisation and development to reaction monitoring and optimisation.

It is estimated that 85% of all manufactured products involve catalysis somewhere in their production chain, and such products have considerable impact in:

  • Energy – Petrochemicals
  • Healthcare – Pharmaceuticals
  • Materials – Polymers, Batteries
  • Transport – Catalytic Converters
  • Environment – Water, Air Quality, Renewable & Bio-produced Materials

Application areas covered in the brochure range from real-life heterogenous and automotive catalysis to more theoretical studies of catalysts in surface chemistry research as well as including recently developing areas of catalysis such as electrocatalysis and plasma catalysis.

As well as understanding what happens to a catalyst during a chemical reaction, it is also desirable to know about the physical properties of the catalyst with properties such as metal surface area of the active catalyst material, the dispersion of metal catalyst on the support structure, and the number and type of reaction sites of the catalyst all adding to produce a more detailed understanding of the catalyst.

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