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Energy storage is increasingly important in modern life. As our reliance on battery powered mobile devices increases, lifetime and performance are critical features of the technology. To ensure leak tightness and that the electrolyte in the battery cells doesn’t escape or interact with water, battery manufacturers must use leak-testing techniques to test battery packs and even individual battery cells during manufacturing and assembly.

The Hiden LAS – Leak Analysis System is an automated system for this testing. Designed for simple use in quality control or R&D environments by analysing the leak tightness of small to medium size battery assemblies or other sealed packages.


Using the speed and sensitivity of mass spectrometry, Hiden is able to provide a fast and effective solution for analyzing sealed packages such as Lithium ion batteries and determining leak rates and production quality.  A wide range of fill gases, tracer gases or volatile electrolyte species can be analyzed, including typical fill gases such as helium, argon, carbon dioxide and impurities such as water vapour. The system can detect leak rates of less than 1×10-7 mbar.l/s with self-calibration checks against known leak rate standards.

Together with Hiden’s dedicated software, the system is easy to use and provides an automated pass/fail analysis based on the specified leak rate minimum. The software can be customised for the particular application.

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