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The new catalogue details the wide range of Hiden Analytical products that are available for this measurement of vacuum processes, from pumpdown studies and residual gas analysis, to sensitive isotopic measurements and continuous monitoring of large-scale science installations.

Hiden RGA instruments are precision manufactured quadrupole mass spectrometers; very sensitive and stable instruments. This makes them well suited for applications in ultrahigh-vacuum (UHV) and extreme-high-vacuum (XHV) science installations. This is especially true for high energy physics installations such as Synchrotron sources and the Large Hadron Collider. These instruments are operated continuously and RGA instruments monitor the vacuum level and installation integrity, important for operational purposes. The HAL101X instrument has been designed for challenging environments and is a ‘radiation-hard’ RGA that can operate with no smart electronics within 100 m of the analyser location operates without any micro-controller, a good solution for a tough engineering problem.

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The DLS range of instruments, ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometers developed for isotopic separation. This is important for monitoring Helium deuterium ratios and other light gases used in fusion research and nuclear physics.  The DLS-20 flagship instrument uses 20 mm quadrupole pole rods give exceptional isotopic separation of 0.006 amu, enables separation of helium in deuterium and heluim3 (3He) in hydrogen deuterium (HD).

Typical applications:

  • High Energy Physics Research
  • Residual Gas Analysis for Vacuum Processing
  • Vacuum diagnostics, pumpdown measurements
  • Vacuum Desorption
  • Freeze drying
  • Quality Control and Characterisation of MBE Processes

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