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The new ‘Introduction to DEMS – Differential Mass Spectrometery’ video is available to view!

Take a look to learn more about Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS), an analytical technique that combines electrochemical half-cell experimentation with mass spectrometry. It allows in situ mass resolved determination of gaseous or volatile electrochemical reactants, reaction intermediates and products in real time.

Featuring Dr Ezra Lee Clark, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, USA, this video covers:

  • The DEMS technique
  • The Hiden HPR-40 DEMS
  • Advantages over conventional analytical techniques
  • Applications of DEMS HPR-40
  • DEMS accessories
  • EGA-soft – a complete, application specific, software package for Evolved Gas Analysis data acquisition and analysis.

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