for Dissolved Gas Analysis and Electrochemistry


A bench-top membrane inlet mass spectrometer designed for analysis of gases, vapours and VOCs in liquids

Measures dissolved gases in liquids, sea water, estuary, soil core and headspace.
Mass range 200 or 300 amu
Membrane enhanced sensitivity Yes
Sensitivity ~ 1 nmol/litre
Probe types for a broad range of applications Yes
Circular carrier For flowing sample
Cuvette option For microbiological enzyme activity studies
Membrane inlet Single or multiple inlet options, 4 or 8 way


A bench-top DEMS – Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometer

For in situ mass resolved determination of gaseous or volatile electrochemical reactants, reaction intermediates and products in real time.
Mass range 200 or 300 amu
DEMS inlets DEMS Cells:
Type A – Single thin layer cell
Type B – Dual thin layer cell
OEMS – On line Electrochemical Inlet options
Sensitivity 5X10-14 mbar
Inlet options Microflow inlet for OEMS
DEMS direct probe
QIC inlet for gas reaction studies