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SEY and Other Material Properties Studies at Cryogenic Temperatures

ECloud’18 Proceedings 2020, 7 doi:https://doi.org/10.23732/CYRCP-2020-007.153

The surface of laser treated copper substrates have the potential to be used in cryogenic vacuum components for future high energy particle accelerators. Therefore it is very important to know about the properties of these material at cryogenic temperatures. UHV-TPD measurements (performed with a Hiden HAL 3F PIC quadrupole mass spectrometer) has shown that a significant difference between the desorption of gas from laser treated Cu substrates and standard flat Cu substrates which suggest that vacuum transient effected against temperature fluctuations should be better evaluated.

Figure 3. TPD curves obtained monitoring the desorption of 10 L (a), 25 L (b), and 100 L (c) of Ar dosed on the LASE-Cu sample (dark color lines) and on flat Cu substrate (light color lines).

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