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Electrocatalysis is a truly interdisciplinary field, attracting the interest of chemists, physicists, and surface scientists alike.

This is partly because electrocatalytic reactions are heterogeneous by nature. 


Electrocatalytic reactions occur at the interface between an electrolyte and an electrode – which fulfills the roles of electron donor/acceptor and catalyst. Understanding this complex process is key to quality assurance and control (QA/QC) in fuel cell development and the optimization of biomass conversion.

Hiden Analytical has developed a range of quadrupole mass spectrometers compatible with electrochemical testing methods to support researchers and developers with off-gas and dissolved species analysis in electrocatalysis research.

Probing Electrocatalysis with On-Line Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry

Electrocatalysis sets the stage for biomass derivatives to be transformed into valuable products and precursors via partial oxidation. On-line electrochemical mass spectrometry (OLEMS) uses a unique flow-through electrolysis cell to directly sample the reaction pathways of electrocatalytic processes in real-time. These reaction pathway profiles can assist with the design of selective electrocatalysts with the greatest possible catalytic activity.

Understanding Electrocatalysis with Hiden Analytical

Gaining a deeper understanding of the reaction kinetics occurring at the interface in electrochemical cells is essential for monitoring and improving fuel cell performance and for the valorization of biomass-derived feedstocks. At Hiden Analytical, we supply a range of high-sensitivity gas analyzers with custom-built electrolysis cells designed for this very purpose. Contact us today to learn more.

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