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Fuel Cells

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Mass spectrometers for fuel cell studies

Gas Analysis – Gas analysers measure the concentration of gases and vapours in real time. DEMS cells for differential electro chemistry mass spectrometry.

Surface Analysis – SIMS – Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for high sensitivity surface composition analysis. UHV – TPD – Ultra High Vacuum – Temperature Programmed Desorption for studying adsorption/desorption mechanisms.


Gas/Vapour Analysers – Hiden gas/vapour analysers, offer a number of key benefits over other analysis techniques: rapid response (critical for temperature programmed studies), wide dynamic range, repeatability and linearity, are all of the up most importance when analysing processes – particularly those in the presence of hydrogen – with widely varying gas concentrations.

These features provide for accurate, stable and reproducible analysis of low molecular weight species, over a wide concentration range, present in a hydrogen rich atmosphere, and are found to be invaluable in applications such as the conversion of hydrocarbons, or alcohols, to hydrogen (reformers) for use in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells.

HPR-40 DSA Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometers – Electro-chemistry / catalyst research with integrated cells for differential electrochemistry mass spectrometry (DEMS) providing for:

In situ determination of gaseous and volatile electrochemical reactants, reaction intermediates and products in real time.

Characterisation of Active Surfaces – SIMS Workstation for surface composition analysis.

UHV-TPD Workstation for studying adsorption/desorption mechanisms.