UHV Surface Science

For the determination of surface composition, contaminant analysis and for depth profiling

The Hiden quadrupole mass spectrometers provide high sensitivity detection capability for the most demanding XHV/UHV vacuum environments. The pulse ion counting detector enables measurement of both positive and negative ions through 7 continuous decades, the integral accumulation mode being used for the capture of discreet particle events. Gating inputs and multi-channel analysis- MCA modes are included for pulsed molecular beam studies.

UHV Surface Science


UHV Temperature Programmed desorption studies (TPD) – Hiden Analytical’s 3F Series / 3F-PIC mass spectrometers with pulse ion counting detection are available configured specifically for UHV TPD providing fast, wide dynamic range detection of multiple species, capturing the entire desorption event. The temperature ramp data is automatically acquired simultaneously with the mass spectral data.

The Hiden IDP ion desorption probe is a quadrupole mass spectrometer configured for analysis of low energy ions in electron and photon stimulated desorption studies.

SIMS – for depth profiling, surface composition measurement, and elemental imaging, Hiden’s SIMS Workstation provides a complete analytical facility for surface science.