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A 5keV Argon or Oxygen ion source for UHV surface analysis applications

The IG20 features a high brightness electron impact gas ion source which is designed specifically for oxygen capability but is also suitable for use with inert and other gases.


The IG20 is designed as primary ion beam for SIMS, Auger and XPS applications for imaging and depth profiling, however, the internally generated raster scan and wide range of operating parameters make it suitable for sample cleaning and surface science experiments. Twin user switchable filaments ensure continued operation in the case of a blown filament – which may be replaced at the user’s convenience.


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Controlled via a windows PC based interface, which handles thermal management of the source, the gun is easy and reproducible to set up and can be configured for high current or small spot applications.

Diagnostic modes are instantly available with beam parameters (current and beam shape) measured on an electron suppressed Faraday collector and displayed live on the PC.

Drivers for LabVIEW are also available to permit OEM integration into other systems.