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Photocatalysts are materials, typically transition metal oxides or semiconductors, capable of increasing the rate of photochemical reactions.

Photochemical reactions require activation by light rather than the more typical temperature driven reactions.


Photocatalysis provides the energy to activate chemical reactions and facilitates processes such as pollutant oxidation and water-splitting that are difficult and sometimes impossible without thermal energy. Examples of this are reactions such as CO2 reduction that are thermodynamically unfavourable under normal conditions. 

Photocatalysis with Hiden Analytical

Photocatalysis is being explored to open new pathways to chemical reactions. For example photocatalytic nitrogen fixation is being investigated as a replacement for the industrially important and energy intensive Haber-Bosch ammonia production process. At Hiden Analytical we provide gas analysis solutions for product identification from heterogeneous photocatalytic reactions. To learn more about the products we supply simply contact us today.


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