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A system for the analysis of secondary positive and negative ions from solid samples

Hiden Analytical supplies world-class mass spectrometry solutions and innovative tools for ion analyses, including the tried-and-trusted Hiden EQS. This high transmission electrostatic quadrupole secondary ion mass spectrometer (SIMS) is one of our most popular detection systems for research-scale thin film nanoscale surface analysis. The EQS SIMS analyser is an ideal add-on analyser for XPS and focused ion beam FIB microscopy systems.


The Hiden EQS is a unique electrostatic quadrupole SIMS detector, specialised for the mass spectral analysis of both positive (+ve) and negative (-ve) secondary ions from solid samples. With its integrated 45° electrostatic sector ion energy analyser, the Hiden EQS can simultaneously analyse ion energy with a resolution of 0.2 electron volts (eV). This makes it one of the most versatile tools for ion analyses in a raft of mass spectrometry applications, including:

  • Extending the sensitivity range of XPS by a factor of over 1000
  • Dynamic and static SIMS
  • Focussed ion beam (FIB) mass spectrometry
  • Secondary neutral mass spectrometry (SNMS)
  • Sputter depth profiling
  • Sputtered ion and neutral mass/energy analysis

Tools for Ion Analysis from Hiden Analytical

A popular bolt-on fitting for after-market systems, ideal as an add-on for XPS systems and focused ion beam FIB microscopy systems for example, the Hiden EQS offers high sensitivity and optional differential pumping to meet the imaging, depth profiling, and mass spectra requirements of users in a range of applications.

If you need more information about integrating our electrostatic quadrupole SIMS tool into your existing XPS system, FIB microscopy  system or if you require a ground-up solution for your ion analyses, simply contact a member of the Hiden Analytical team today.


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The SIMS Mapper software provides a simple, but powerful, user interface to the SIMS tool.  The species to be analysed are chosen from a period table view, with mass interferences highlighted, and the data are collected as images throughout the analysis.  For depth profiles the gated area can be defined after analysis and images may be stacked to reconstruct the concentration profile in three dimensions.  For less experienced operators, or in a production environment, analyses can be run from previously stored templates and fully automated “queued” running is possible with the automatic stage option.  A range of data export formats allows results to be used by other software packages for enhanced display or processing.

  • 3D imaging
  • depth profiling with highly flexible gating
  • simple choice of species
  • easy set-up for inexperienced users yet full control for experts
  • large live interactive image and depth profile windows
  • export in .csv and proprietary formats