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Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers for Thin Films and Surface Engineering

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Plasma characterisation, plasma ion analyzers and langmuir probes

Thin film processing in research, development and functionalisation of surfaces has a broad application range in microelectronics, nanotechnology, solar, flat panel, mechanics, optics, photonics, textiles, coatings, chemistry, biology, and medicine.


Thin film processing utilises a wide range of techniques, including :

Magnetron sputtering
ALD – atomic layer deposition
CVD – chemical vapour deposition
MOCVD – metal organic chemical vapour deposition
PECVD – plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition
MBE – molecular beam epitaxial growth
RIE – plasma reactive ion etch
IBE/RIBE – ion beam etch and reactive ion beam etc

Each technique is often tailored for a specific application, requiring special process parameters to produce the surface/film properties required. Hiden mass spectrometers provide critical insight into thin film processing and characterisation enabling optimisation of thin film production and surface quality.

Hiden mass spectrometers are used for process control including SIMS end point detection of ion beam etch of magnetic thin films, III-V layers including gallium arsenide, and superconducting thin films including YBaCuO yttrium barium copper oxide, and for flux monitoring where precise control of film growth in MBE is required.

Residual gas analysers are used for process monitoring and leak detection, offering a unique window into the vacuum processing environment. Analysis of the partial pressures of vacuum residuals including water vapour, hydrocarbons, VOC’s, and air leaks is routine.

The Hiden SIMS Workstation is used for post process analysis of thin films providing depth profiling and fine focus surface imaging of MBE grown thin films, glass coatings, magnetic thin films and metal oxides.

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High-energy ions and atoms sputtered and reflected from a magnetron source for deposition of magnetic thin films. 158.99 KB 37 downloads

High-energy ions and atoms sputtered and reflected from a magnetron source for deposition...