SIMS Workstation

A UHV surface analysis system for thin film depth profiling

The Hiden SIMS Workstation provides for high performance static and dynamic SIMS applications for detailed surface composition analysis and depth profiling.

New Hi5 SIMS with – simultaneous positive and negative ion analysis – See new flyer in the product literature tab below.

SIMS Workstation UHV surface analysis system for thin film depth profiling


The SNMS facility complements the SIMS technique, providing quantification for thin film composition measurements.

Hiden’s new SIMS-on-a-Flange provides a complete SIMS facility on a single UHV conflat type flange.


  • Hiden MAXIM SIMS analyser operating under MASsoft 7 Professional for ppb analysis
  • Integrated ioniser for efficient SNMS analysis
  • Choice of differentially pumped primary excitation sources
  • IG20 Gas, IG5C Caesium, IFG200 FAB or high performance liquid gallium guns
  • Integral ion gun raster control with signal gating for depth profiling
  • Electron flood gun option for charge neutralisation in insulator studies
  • Vacuum chamber bakeout heaters
  • Fast sample transfer, sample holder and manipulator with load lock
  • UHV manipulator for optimum sample positioning
  • SIMS elemental imaging option with ESM LabVIEW SIMS Imaging program
  • Static SIMS Spectral Library available
  • Automatic SIMS ion optics lens tuning
  • Automatic mass alignment for optimum SIMS performance




The system is supplied with MASsoft Professional software.

This Windows 8 compatible software allows control of the instrument via USB 2.0, RS232 or Ethernet. Provides comprehensive I/O for data output and for reading data from external devices for integration and display with mass spectrometer data.