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Custom SIMS Solutions


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Custom SIMS Solutions

The low extraction field characteristics and modular nature of Hiden quadrupole SIMS spectrometers, coupled with an experienced custom design team, allow specialist surface analysis tools to be realised; whether adding SIMS to an existing system or designing a complete instrument from scratch.


The modular nature of Hiden products allows us to efficiently custom design instruments for specific applications and locations. 

The Hi5 dual polarity FIB SIMS tool combines two EQS spectrometers, one collecting positive ions and the other negative ions,  the DLS-20 high mass resolution quadrupole, and a third party plasma FIB, on a vibration isolated platform with five axis nanometre precision stage.  In-situ micro-manipulator electrical connections, sample heating and cooling and an isotopically pure gas module (O18) allow diffusion studies in fuel cells, batteries and metals. 

The modular SIMS is a complete SIMS instrument on a single flange (DN150mm and greater) combining an ion gun, EQS spectrometer, electron gun, light and camera module and retractable sample current monitor.  


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The SIMS Mapper software provides a simple, but powerful, user interface to the SIMS tool.  The species to be analysed are chosen from a period table view, with mass interferences highlighted, and the data are collected as images throughout the analysis.  For depth profiles the gated area can be defined after analysis and images may be stacked to reconstruct the concentration profile in three dimensions.  For less experienced operators, or in a production environment, analyses can be run from previously stored templates and fully automated “queued” running is possible with the automatic stage option.  A range of data export formats allows results to be used by other software packages for enhanced display or processing.

  • 3D imaging
  • depth profiling with highly flexible gating
  • simple choice of species
  • easy set-up for inexperienced users yet full control for experts
  • large live interactive image and depth profile windows
  • export in .csv and proprietary formats